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Thought for the Day

Yours in aging with class, Jane

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You CAN Teach an “Old Dog” New Tricks

My 90-year-old father is curious.  He asks questions all day and wonders about this and that.  He reads voraciously and keeps copious notes.  He writes poetry.  Sometimes when he’s sitting quietly, doing nothing, I ask if he’s OK.  Invariably, he … Continue reading

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Grandchildren Say the Darndest Things

4-yr-old Max to me, “I love making you laugh, Grandmummy!”  And he succeeded when he visited us last June. In fact, I just came across a notebook of his “pearls.”  I would love to hear some treasures your grandchildren have … Continue reading

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A Great Movie for Off-the-Wall, Competitive Grandparents

Parental Guidance starring Bette Midler and Billy Crystal So very ridiculous!  Be prepared to belly laugh throughout.  Sense of humor mandatory. I recommend watching this even if this clip doesn’t grab you, or since it’s only rated 3 stars.  Also, a … Continue reading

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