Day Three – Max in Texas

June 26, 2017

Dear Max,

It was the day to drive your Dad back to Austin for his flight home to NY.  You had been sticking close to him since you got here, which made me wonder if you would be comfortable with all of us once he left.

Before his flight, we spent the morning swimming at Barton Springs with Uncle Koji, Aunt Maiga, Sean, and Mateo.  The Springs’ pool measures three acres in size and is fed from underground springs with an average temperature of 68-70 degrees. The cold spring water felt glorious in contrast to the hot day and even hotter sun.  I struggled to walk along in the water because it was so slippery and was glad your Dad was there so he could stay close by and make sure you were safe.

Barton Springs, Austin

We ate Mexican food out for lunch at Chuy’s on William Cannon Drive (Austin). YUM!  I was starting to see what an adventurous eater you were, preferring flavorful foods that included lots of veggies over carbs and sweets.

Uncle Koji drove your Dad to the airport in the afternoon.  You had been playing with your cousins and also their cats, Stoli and Sally.  Except you had been playing too much with the cats…”too much” only because you are allergic to cats.  Your eyes were getting red and puffy, and the redness was streaking up your forehead. We texted your Mom and Dad to get their approval to give you Claritin, but didn’t hear back from them. In the meantime, your situation was getting worse.  I decided to drive you back to my house rather than spend the night.  I didn’t feel comfortable giving you allergy medicine without hearing from your parents.  So now, another 1 1/4-hour drive in the same day…

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