Day Two – Max in Texas

JUNE 25, 2017

Dear Max,

You repeatedly asked how long the drive was going to take to my house.  It would be more than an hour.  It was then that I realized that we needed to be better prepared for all of the future-planned trips.  Texas is a big state, and I live a minimum of a half hour one way to whatever outing we were planning.  Most often, our excursions were going to be at least an hour one way.  So, we decided to be armed with activities, books, or toys to play with in the car, and I put a supply of snacks, most often animal cookies and a package of seaweed or a banana, next to your car seat for you to munch on when you got hungry.  We always brought along a bottle of water.  Texas is HOT in the summer.  It’s important to stay hydrated.  (We were lucky that your first week here, it was only in the high 80s; your second week was in the high 90s and even reached 101 degrees on occasion.)  You started reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, your Dad’s favorite book when he was little.  You brought it along with you during our car trips.  (I did read a couple of chapters to you, but you are so grown up now, you read the rest yourself.)  And you finished the book by the end of your visit.

We all arrived at our house to enjoy lunch and dinner together with Great Grandpa, Uncle Roy, and, of course, Simon and Pearl.  (Uncle Koji, Aunt Maiga, and cousins Sean and Mateo came separately.)  You had a ball playing with a new marble run upstairs in the “Grandchildren’s Quarters” with your cousins. Unfortunately, I am not able to post all the videos from this day, (I have a spectacular one of Mateo going nuts with joy.) but at least we have some photos.  You can see in one of them how tired your Dad was.

We had tuna steaks from Uncle Roy’s recent fishing trip off the coast of San Diego for lunch and homemade Texas-style chili con carne for dinner.  Hotdogs for the kids.  Uncle Koji and Aunt Maiga bought a huge chocolate cake for the birthday party.  I had prepared the food earlier in the week, so cooking was a snap.

In the four-generation shot, we should have had Great-Grandpa seated in the center.  But we had to move fast and pose quickly because all you kids were getting antsy.  (We miss you Nicole and Zoe!)

Uncle Koji and his family returned to their house in Austin after dinner, and you and your Dad spent the night and slept upstairs together.

Be sure to click on photos to get the full effect.  Thanks to Uncle Roy for the group shots.   😀

Day 2 Upstairs - Marble Run

The marble run was a major hit. (Sean and Max)



Sean and Tired Uncle Tunny


Sean and Pearl

Family Birthday Celebration

Four Generations


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4 Responses to Day Two – Max in Texas

  1. says:

    Hi Janie, I enjoyed your blog. The kids are precious! You did a great job! I know you were tired when everyone went home. I bet Max misses you. The family looked so happy. Bravo, sis.

    Love you, Kahkee

  2. Cyrille Doutherd says:

    Jane, what a fantastic blog you have here of your family – especially grandparenting 101 – such fun to read and look at your pics! Again, you’re really putting your skills and newly-acquired skills of photography to excellent use!
    Q – do you still play the piano?

    • Awww…thanx, my friend. I haven’t played in years, but these days, I am writing poetry, some of which might make good song lyrics. I am actually in the market for a keyboard to use for composing. I may even start to play again…just a bit. I found the CD of my graduate recital recently and played it. I can’t believe it was me (I). It reminded me of why I never pursued performing. The stage fright was unbearable. I remember wanting to run off the stage and run away in the middle of that performance. Crazy, eh? Are you still playing?

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