One Month So Far “Off” Sugar

So many previous posts bemoaning my sugar addiction.  Particularly ice cream addiction.  So, I decided to carpe diem and stop moaning and wailing. I gave up sugar on April 18.  Or, at least, that was what I thought I was going to do.

The first thing I had for dinner that day was organic salsa on a veggie omelet.  And then, I read the ingredients, which indicated there was sugar in the salsa.

Hidden sugars – oops…

In no time, I had a craving for fresh orange juice and drank copious amounts every day, only to realize that oranges contain sugar, and I was consuming lots of it.

Natural sugars in foods but sugar nonetheless – oops…again…

I craved potato chips and nibbled on Cape Cod chips.  I also craved bread and began eating at least four slices of Ezekiel Sesame Bread a day.  The nutrition facts and list of ingredients didn’t include sugar.  Yet, on the one hand, a friend pointed out that sugar is needed to activate the yeast.  And on the other, this article says the opposite.

As if this weren’t enough, we know that carbs convert to sugar in the body, as so clearly explained in a post about carbohydrates and blood sugar from the Harvard School of Public Health.


Another friend asked what my plan for giving up sugar would be.  I told her I was going to have to make it up as I went along.  Little did I know how true a statement this would be.

OK, so, I started with cutting out obvious sweets such as cookies and ice cream.

My Nemesis (photo from

My nemesis (photo from

I accepted the above initial cravings because, at least, I had quit obvious (to me) sweets cold turkey.

Within a month, the cravings for chips, bread, and fresh orange juice is no longer.

During the first few weeks, I transformed from a person paralyzed amongst the clutter in my condo to a bolt of energy — in three days, cleaning out so much junk, I couldn’t believe it.

I wondered, “Was there a connection between my new-found energy/motivation and eliminating so much sugar from my diet?”

I used to have a voracious appetite, and I’ve been noticing that this isn’t the case any longer.  My appetite has become more normal, naturally, and I’ve lost a couple of pounds without having to deprive myself and feel hungry.

I’ve reset my palate so I no longer crave sugar.  I enjoy cooking new recipes with real food, eliminating processed foods and including as much organic as possible.  I’m even starting to be interested in eating foods I had never bothered with, such as apples.

I actually have more energy.

What follows is material I read during my first month “off” sugar.  I hope you’ll find them as informative as I have.

References for the Month:

  • Pure White Deadly







Yours in aging with class,

P.S.  Next month, I’ll clarify my giving-up-sugar plan, including situations that may require flexibility.  Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to One Month So Far “Off” Sugar

  1. Kathy says:

    Discipline, discipline, discipline. Good job, Janie.

  2. Verónica says:

    I need to try this but it will be difficult.

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