New Gardens For a Changing World, Part 2

Speaking of New Gardens for a Changing World and wildflowers, check out Elizabeth Gilbert’s gardens.

Elizabeth is one of my favorite writers and happens to be selling her home in Frenchtown, NJ, one of the most attractive and remarkable houses I have ever seen.

(Photo (by Sam Oberter) and article on the house from

In this video, she delightfully whimsically narrates a tour of the inside; at 13.43, she’ll treat you to her splendid vegetable, flower, and herb gardens.

This photo, taken by Jessica Antola, comes from’s article, Elizabeth Gilbert, Full Bloom.

Wish I could buy this house.  Sigh…

Yours in aging with class,

P.S.  BTW, gardening aficionados will certainly want to read Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book, The Signature of All Things.


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4 Responses to New Gardens For a Changing World, Part 2

  1. Debbie says:

    Hmmm…typical ridiculous American lawn. I give you a lot of credit for feeling free to use the term ridiculous to describe something many of your readers have and enjoy. No judgements, though, right?

    • When I lived in Kyoto for seven years, there was so little green anywhere. Everything was concrete, except the occasional rice field. Houses were all the same drab grey or beige. There was no grass in playgrounds. Just a dirt ground. I found the lack of green depressing. I missed American lawns.

      My grandfather was obsessed with keeping a perfect lawn; he often dug up dandelions by hand. A neighbor was so obsessed about our condo lawn, he even asked us to water the areas where our dogs pee with a watering can.

      Oftentimes we have to keep our pets off of the condo lawns because they are treated with pesticides.

      Only recently, I’ve noticed a movement where people are using their residential property to plant gardens without putting harmful pesticides in the soil. I’ve been rendered speechless to learn that some have actually been arrested for planting veggies in their front yards.

      “Typical ridiculous American lawn” referred to my post “New Gardens for a Changing World, Part One.” No judgments intended…it’s just interesting that one can look at topics such as lawns from so many perspectives…

  2. Kathy says:

    Look what a best-selling book and Oprah’s recommendation can get you. What a beautiful home. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. K.

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