Inspiration for Eating Healthy

Is aging gracefully important to you?  It is to me.  My latest mission is to conquer ice cream addiction and general pigging out and, of course, to eat healthy.  Discovering what others have written on these topics motivate me.  Such as…

“The way I get off sugar is to stop eating it!  I eat lots of protein, fats, veggies, salad with delicious dressings, an apple, pear, some berries. The first three days are hard. The willingness comes from the pain: if you have made yourself sufficiently sick and full of shame on sugar, well–who knows? You may be ready…or getting there.”
-Anne Lamott on Facebook

Here is the perfect photo that expresses what I’m going through:

The photo comes from this article, written for an international medical writing contest by Nava Asad, a 4th-year cardiology medical student at Dow Medical College.  It brings up points that are familiar to many of us.  They inspire me, nevertheless:

Today, worldwide food related ailments are on the rise and constitute a considerable burden on the health care system.”

Nutrition has a great impact on health and just by incorporating healthier foods into one’s diet, we can prevent so many major diseases from coming our way.”

There is an increasing need to change the eating habits of individuals from childhood as once the taste for particular types of food develops, it becomes harder to switch to healthier alternatives and change the eating habits.”

“…anyone can eat away their diseases or their life. The choice lies in your own hands.”

Is it important to you to age gracefully?  If so, what steps are you taking to make it happen?

Yours in aging with class,

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