Ice Cream Addict

Help!  I’m an addict!  I can’t stop gorging on ice cream!

Cherry on Top - photo by Sherwin Laranga

Cherry on Top – photo by Sherwin Laranga

What has happened to me?  When I was younger, I was able to control such habits.  Is it common when we age to experience such a shift in self-discipline?

In an effort to get back to healthier eating habits, I’ve joined  I joined once before, and that was what it took to get me back on track.  You can pick a group to join and the amount of money to bet.  Winners, those who lose 4% of their body weight in a month, split the pot.  Although I’m not an advocate of gambling, this gives me a kick in the butt to change my ways.

My plan is to eliminate sugar, cut down on food portions, and continue to eat real (not processed) foods.  I also have to be careful, once the month is over, not to allow myself even one spoonful of ice cream, or I’ll be back to where I always am…compulsively eating ice cream.

I wonder, is this addiction worse because of getting older or because of addictive chemicals that are put into the ice cream?  Or, have I evolved into another being altogether?

Yours in not aging so well with class,

P.S.  Makes me think of my Dad’s poem, Suet Suit.

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6 Responses to Ice Cream Addict

  1. Debbie says:

    Sugar is addictive, there is no doubt. Are you starting a game or did you join one? I’ll join you. I started my whole30 challenge today.

  2. Kathy says:

    I too have an addiction; it’s and addiction to salad with olive oil, wine vinegar, and lemon with salt and pepper as a dressing. That sounds very healthy, BUT, I like to put blue cheese in the salad. That’s a no, no! Lots of cholesterol and calories. We all have our addictions, Janie. At least you are always trying to keep yours under control. Every time I read one of Dad’s poems, I think how lucky you are to gave him in your life.
    Good luck with your efforts to not over eat ice cream:-) Kathy

    • At least you’re addicted to healthy food. Blue cheese may have cholesterol and calories, but if all you’re having is a salad, this isn’t so bad, is it? Woe is I…my addiction is way too out of control…

  3. Lia Chasen says:

    Welcome to my world Jane. I think as we get older we feel what is life all about but not to enjoy pleasurable things. I cannot have cheesecake when I’m dead so I might as well have it now. I know I’m fluffy but I’m healthy. People cannot believe I’m 65. I try but I refuse to agonize anymore. Jane dear, life is too short. Go ahead and have ice cream . You are beautiful to us.

    • You are too sweet, Lia. Maybe this is the reason why I have no more discipline. It’s all about enjoying life when we get older. The challenge is to eat healthy as a preventative measure and not end up with diseases such as diabetes or whatever. Gotta find that balance…

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