When your parent becomes the child

My Dad, now 90, says that when I was a newborn, I looked so peaceful and still in my crib, he often checked to see if I was breathing.  And now, sometimes when he is napping, he looks so quiet, I check to make sure he is breathing.

This link from professorshouse.com provides invaluable information for those of us who are parenting our parents.  Being pro-active is key.  (Our particular family situation was anything but that.  And this is certainly a story to tell some day.)

In the meantime, I have been caring for Dad for the past 11 years.  We have a great system down that works for us.  And, thankfully, he is a cooperative Senior.

Are you a caretaker for a parent or an elderly member of your family?  How do you manage this?

Yours in aging with class,

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4 Responses to When your parent becomes the child

  1. Kathy says:

    Good food for thought. I’d like to discuss some points with you, but not via email. I’m nor sure if only you will see my reply or if all who choose see the replies will read it. Anyway, I have a comment when we next talk on the phone. Thanks for the subject and the link. Kathy

  2. Debbie says:

    The most important thing is to never have your parent feel like they have become the child and to always make them feel valued as a parent. None of us want to give up our role as parent. My friend and I talk all the time about how difficult that is. Having seen you with your dad I feel that you do that, Jane. Congratulations.

  3. This is an important point, Debbie, and I’m glad you think I don’t make my Dad feel like a child, although maybe I should be more sensitive about this in general anyway. Others might disagree.

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