A Great Movie for Off-the-Wall, Competitive Grandparents

Parental Guidance starring Bette Midler and Billy Crystal

So very ridiculous!  Be prepared to belly laugh throughout.  Sense of humor mandatory.

I recommend watching this even if this clip doesn’t grab you, or since it’s only rated 3 stars.  Also, a great movie to watch if preparing for grandparent-hood.

Yours in aging with class,  Jane (dba Gummy)

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4 Responses to A Great Movie for Off-the-Wall, Competitive Grandparents

  1. Lia Chasen says:

    Anything with Bette Midler is worth watching . Thanks

    • I agree. Just discovered on HBO they have this listed as one star. Duh. Sometimes I can’t stand four-star movies. How do you figure? I couldn’t stop laughing on this one. It struck my funny bone big time. 🙂

  2. Kathy says:

    The film is sort of funny, but it is absurd, I’m not sure I could stand watching the entire movie. It reminds me of our culture of spoiled children in middle and upper class families. Sorry, Janie. This time I don’t agree with you. Although, granted I didn’t watch the entire move.

    • The absurdity of the spoiled children is part of what cracked me up. And how the grandparents brought them out of this absurdity and into the real world was masterful. It depends on what one thinks is funny. So many people think “Seinfeld” was funny. I never did. I think “Two and a Half Men” with Charlie Sheen was hysterical, and one of my family members can’t stand it. Everyone’s sense of humor is different. It’s what makes the world go round… Love you, Janie

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