Ouch and Gummy

In just 9 weeks since my last visit to see the grandkids, Max’s (age 4) vocabulary has grown exponentially, and he now supplements verbal expression with his hands.

Max uses his hands as he explains what's on his mind.

Check out Max’s expressive hand action.

One of my favorites was sitting with him first thing in the morning when he was waking up.  We were the first ones up, and we sat together in silence while I soaked in his essence.

When his Daddy, my son, got up, he only had time for a hug and a quick story, (a  book of “knock knock” jokes I had bought the kids) before he left for a 12-hour shift in the E.R.

Daddy and Max

Daddy and Max

Max had a cold and was feeling out of sorts.  Consequently, he was more needy than usual for his Mommy.  When she was folding laundry, he kept pushing for her undivided attention.  When she suggested he play with Grandmummy instead so she could finish the laundry, he shouted, “But I love you so much, and I only love Grandmummy medium!”


Max did enjoy playing doctor, however.  Here he stands in his new garb in front of the stockings knit by yours truly:

Dr. Max

Dr. Max

In nine weeks, two-year-old Zoe went from saying a few unclear words to speaking in short sentences, and parroting back everything I say to her in understandable words.  Although she can’t say “Grandmummy” and calls me “Gummy.”  I love my new nickname.

It has become impossible to take photos because every time Zoe sees the camera, she wants it.  “MY TURN!” she screams.  The only way to snap her picture is when she’s distracted.  Here she is at an indoor playground at cousin, Sean’s, 1st birthday celebration:

Zoe having a ball...

Zoe having a ball…

5162 - blog - Koj & Sean drumming 1-12-2014 11-02-08 AM 3888x2592

Birthday boy, Sean, drumming; his Daddy (my younger son) looking on

My lovely daughters-in-law looking on...

…and with my lovely daughters-in-law…

Sean with Mommy & Daddy

Sean with Mommy & Daddy


Next stop – out for lunch

Back at Sean's place; Daddy loving Sean

Back at Sean’s place; Daddy loving his boy

Sean loves books.

Sean loves books, even when they’re upside down.

Sean and Grandmummy

Sean and Grandmummy



City boy - riding the elevator

City boy – riding the elevator





Happy 1st birthday!

Happy 1st birthday!

Diving in

Diving in







When Max and Zoe left, Max teared up and said, “I’m going to miss you, Grandmummy!”  Phew!  I thought I had been relegated to “medium” status.  😉


P.S.  On my next visit, lunch with the DILs, probably in Manhattan.  Just the three of us.   🙂

Yours in aging with class,
Jane (dba Gummy)

P.P.S.  Feel free to click on all photos for the full effect.

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8 Responses to Ouch and Gummy

  1. Liz Field says:

    nice — you got up early to do this one!

  2. Kathy says:

    I enjoyed reading your post and seeing all the great photos of your family. They are soooooo sweet! Thank God, Max said he was going to miss you. I couldn’t believe he only loved you Medium:-) I know better. Good job, Janie. Kathy

  3. Lia Chasen says:

    This is one one of my favorite posts! You did a great job and we can’t wait to see you again

  4. Debbie says:

    Nice job, Gummy! That nickname may stick!

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