The Circle of Life

The circle of life

This photo says it all.  (Posted on Facebook via Alternative World News Network.)

Yours in aging with class,

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10 Responses to The Circle of Life

  1. Kathy says:

    Short and very sweet. Thanks.

  2. Lia Chasen says:

    I see my mother in me and i see my husband in my grandson Daniel . It is truly amazing the circle of life.

  3. love this. the similarities between the young and the old are too many to number!

    • It sort of reminds me of when my Dad told me he used to check to see if I was breathing in my crib as a newborn, and now I check on my Dad (age 90) sometimes when he’s asleep to make sure he’s breathing. The circle of life. Role reversal. Thanks for stopping by so often. 🙂 Warmest wishes, Jane

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