Know Who You Are

A reunion performance of retired dancers from the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre on New Year’s Eve.  Wow.  I used to go to watch this company every year when they came to UMass back when I was in college…back when Judith Jamison was performing Cry.  And so when I saw this article from the NY Times yesterday, it blew my mind.

One of the dancers says, “When you’re younger, you have everything — you have the flexibility, you have no fear. But you don’t savor every step, every movement of every fingertip, every beat of the music. I feel like I’m tasting food for the first time.”

Another, “began to see the dance from a new perspective, not just as a showcase for technique but as an expression of all the things that life has put into you.”

Another dancer said, “At a young age, you look at it physically: how can I do these steps, how can I bend back further, how my leg can go up higher?” she said. “But the older you get, the more you’re comfortable with yourself. I know where I stand and how I feel.”

And finally, “Do I admire those bodies?” asked Ms. Wood, speaking of the young dancers in the current company. “Absolutely. But I know who I am.”

And in life, this is the bottom line.

Yours in aging with class,

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8 Responses to Know Who You Are

  1. BigTipper says:

    Great post!

  2. Kathy says:

    Great post! Love, Kathy

  3. Thanks Jane for posting this insightful article. I so often look back at experiences I took for granted without really appreciating them at the time. Now I realize how much I have matured – and I don’t mean in number of years – but in my awareness and joy just in being healthy and doing what I can to the best my ability to live a full life. I thank God each day for new opportunities to grow spiritually and mentally while caring of my physical self. Yoga brings me a deep sense of joy
    and fulfillment and helps me to keep my body flexible and my mind engaged. I look forward to your class next week!! God Bless!

  4. Wonderful article, it really puts aging into perspective. ~ Dennis

  5. Yes, Dennis, and it celebrates the joy of aging, too. Jane

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