Are You Wearing a Suet Suit?

To continue with the theme of healthy eating, I thought I’d post a humerous poem that my Dad wrote.  It’s something to think about during the holiday season.  (Just kidding.)

Suet Suit (by Eliot Hallowell)

Since food intake reduction is
A challenge I don’t meet,
I have to wear a suet suit
And always overeat.

A suet suit well-tailored and
Impeccable in fit
And I can’t see a way to find
Deliverance from it.

What if the doctor cut away
This garment surgically
And hung it on a hanger, thus
Removing it from me?

I’d view the suit perplexedly
And then my heart would say,
“How nice I’m spared from pumping blood
Through all that fat today!”

Dad wrote this poem ten years ago, when he was 80.  It’s one of the poems from the chapter, Odes From Obesity, from his book, Dry Martini and Other Poems.  He has since gotten down to an appropriate weight with the help of the benevolent food police-woman (moi) at his request.  In the introduction to this chapter, Dad writes,

I have long since dealt with my addictions to tobacco and alcohol.  (Thank heaven my youth was timed to precede the proliferation of drugs in our country.)  But as it turns out, all I did was trade one addiction for another, that other being food:  ice cream, cookies, cake, pie, donuts, crullers, and anything else sugar and fat-laden.  I find food the subtlest of all addictions because, obviously, you can’t just quit eating cold-turkey.  I am in the early stages of a life-or-death struggle with food.  Wish me luck, for I will certainly need it!

Sometimes I think that just because I’m older, what the heck, what difference does it make if I gorge on ice cream.  When, in fact, it does add to the fat around the belly and certainly is unhealthy.

Are you coping with food addiction?  Do you have any strategies to deal with it?

Yours in aging with class,

P.S.  Here are the covers, front and back, from Dad’s book:





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6 Responses to Are You Wearing a Suet Suit?

  1. Lia Chasen says:

    Wearing a fat suit has been the bane of my life. I try all the time with failures and successes. Mostly failures. My wonderful son in law keeps telling me to move more but I’m just too “Busy”. I have invented every excuse known to man but I keep trying …not too hard tho…..

    • Awww….Lia….well, it just means there’s more of you to love. Seriously, moving more is the key. Dad was sick this week. He usually walks three times a day outside. He missed only one day, and the next day, he felt weak and dizzy. It only took one day for him to freeze up. This is what we have to look forward to at age 90 if we don’t keep moving. How’s this for inspiration? Love, Me

  2. Lia Chasen says:

    Kudos to Elliot. He is an inspiration!

  3. Kathy says:

    Your post rang a bell. If Eliot did it, why can’t I? I need more determination and maybe a “food police” to help me with my struggle with food. Good timing for an article about over indulging! Thanks, Janie. Kahkee

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