Methuselah in Reverse

A friend recently pointed out that the first ten photos from Tom Hussey’s Mirror Series reminded her of my Dad’s poem, below, from my post, Senior Situations.  Please take the time to enjoy Hussey’s artistic and poignant shots.  You will relate to them.  It’s funny that despite our appearance in the mirror, we always feel eternally youthful inside. 

I check the mirror and I see
Methuselah instead of me,
So I resolve right there and then:
“Don’t check that looking glass again!”
If I refrain and thus don’t see
What passing time has done to me
I might forget I’m aging fast
And think I’m young as in the past.
So when you’re old just stay away
From looking glasses every day
And then you’ll never have to view
The ruin looking back at you.
(by Eliot Hallowell)





Yours in aging with class,

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2 Responses to Methuselah in Reverse

  1. Kathy says:

    With Dad’s outlook, he’ll never grow old. And yours too, Janie. Kahkee XO

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