Perseverance Personified

I know, I know, this particular post is way too far-fetched.  But I wanted to mention my beloved Red Sox in this blog, even if the connection to aging with class is shaky.

In this clip from the World Series (scroll down to Game 6:  Dustin Pedroia’s Snag), you can see how Pedie embodied the confidence the Red Sox has exhibited throughout the year.  He wasn’t cocky.  He wasn’t egotistical.  He exuded a healthy tenacity from a culmination of years of practice, repetition, and discipline.

Granted, as we age, we aren’t about to set out to become professional athletes, but we can use our many years of living, where we have practiced and experienced life, to achieve and inspire.  Our physical bodies may deteriorate, but our mental capacity has the capacity to grow, provided, of course, that we don’t develop dementia of some sort. If we can live our lives fired up, cooperate with one another, work productively, and carry ourselves with grace, we can be winners in the World Series of life, at any age.

This photo from Facebook’s Fit Over Fifty says it all:

Fit Over FiftyYours in aging with class,

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