This short video says that we can be more active than we think as we age.  Bravo to this very special octogenarian!


Yours in aging with class,

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8 Responses to Ageless

  1. Katharine Eastman says:

    How wonderful! But I bet she has been active all her life. At 71 it would be pretty hard to try to achieve such fete. She was so fit and so graceful looking. Thanks for passing it along.

  2. Of course it would be unrealistic to take on the parallel bars very late in life. It is an inspiration, though, on many different levels… Makes me think, “What else am I capable of doing that I hadn’t thought of?” Also, makes me think of Dad in his early 70s making significant changes in his life. One is never too old to grow and aim for realistic goals… And this makes life exciting!

    Thanks for all the comments! You’re the best! 🙂

  3. Debbie says:

    She is an inspiration!

  4. Pat says:

    Have you seen the PBS documentary, Age of Champions? (Trailer on YouTube: )

    It follows senior athletes competing in the National Senior Olympics, including a 100-yr-old tennis player, two brothers who are swimmers, an 86-yr-old pole vaulter, and 2 women’s basketball teams.

    You can check them out on www, (not .com which is a porno site).

  5. says:

    Very inspiring!  Look how happy they all look.  Thanks.   

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